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10 Ways You Can Improve Medical Practice Profitability

Help your practice more money

Are You Spending Too Much on Medical Billing?

Most medical practices underestimate the costs of in-house staff salaries, benefits, high employee turnover, purchasing technology systems and inefficiencies in billing processes. Even when these services are outsourced, some outsourced providers have many hidden fees making it a non-viable option for small to medium size practices. M-Scribe billing services provide a cost advantage vs. in-house and other leading billing service providers because our efficient processes, award winning proprietary technology and coding expertise. We work with you to optimize your collections - including identifying the most profitable procedures, reducing undercoding, payer comparison, marketing and patient communication support.

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Medical Billing Calculator
“M-Scribe has consistently delivered excellent medical billing services since we started with them five years ago. We have found them to be extremely knowledgeable and their patient support service is exceptional. They have improved our profitability and their transparent billing and coding processes make it very easy to work with them. M-Scribe constantly shares the latest medical billing updates and educates our dermatologists about appropriate ways to bill different payers. M-Scribe has even audited our documentation free of charge for compliance and accuracy.”


Medical Coding & Billing Expertise is Critical to Practice Profitability

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Common Reasons Medical Billing Claims Get Rejected

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Dermatology & Plastic Surgery Medical Billing Service

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