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Medical Billing, Coding, Documentation and ICD-10 Consulting Services

M-Scribe is a national provider of Medical Billing, Coding and Documentation services to group practices, clinics and individual physicians.

Years of experience with various Electronic Health Records and Practice Management Systems allow us to be system agnostic with efficient processes.  Documentation Specialists provide comprehensive documentation, certified ICD-9 and ICD-10 coders ensure accurate coding which helps our experienced billers prepare cleaner claims.  This benefits practices by minimizing denials and therefore, increasing revenues. 

We also provide ICD-10 consulting services customized by specialty and size of practice. ICD-10 certified coders assist practices every step of the way from planning, training, and testing with different vendors to transition before Oct 1st, 2014.


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Medical Billing
Medical Billing

We provide comprehensive Medical Billing and Coding Services ranging from claims submission to patient collection. All payers are supported, while ensuring accurate processing of all electronic and paper claims with maximum security and confidentiality. Read More

Medical Coding
Pre-RAC Audit

M-Scribe certified coding experts work with medical records, EHR and practice management systems to assess compliance and determine next steps to reduce vulnerability. It not only finds overcoding situations but also benefits practices in undercoding possibilities. Read More

Medical Documentation
Medical Transcription

We process dictation (in any form), update relevant content in the EHR, and derive ICD-9, and CPT codes (ICD-10 codes). Without incurring extra costs, this optimized process maximizes the benefits that a complete documentation offers. Read More

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