EHR Practice Management Compatibility

Our healthcare professionals have assisted hundreds of practices in transitioning to EHR.

Our EHR Practice Management System provides a smooth transition to efficiently meet your Medical Billing and Documentation Service requirements. M-Scribe facilitates both paper and electronic transmission of your patient encounter data.

M-Scribe Makes Practice Management Easy

M-Scribe will not require practices to change their current method of dictation to implement EHR. Using Discrete Reportable Transcription (DRT) and other cost effective Business Intelligence (BI) methodology, we will adopt your way of working and enter all patient information into your EHR. This is an efficient, accurate, cost effective, 24-hr. transcription service that populates your discrete reportable notes directly into your EHR. You manage your practice and we administer all of your electronic documentation needs.

Free Speciality EHR: M-Scribe provides a free CCHIT certified EHR along with our billing solution and will assist your practice in transitioning to a paperless system.

M-Scribe’s Integrated Solution: Free EHR and Billing Platform for maximum efficiency and functionality. Encounter data is transmitted via automated synchronization between the EHR (maintained on your network) and M-Scribe’s online platform—no Superbills or clicking required!

Third-Party EHR Interface: If your practice prefers to continue using a third-party EHR with the support of your EHR vendor, we will “bridge” or create IT interfaces to generate a seamless solution to your benefit. By clicking a button in your EHR (e.g.,  “Send to Billing”), your encounter is directly exported to M-Scribe’s billing executives and online platform. Typically, just one click sends all unsubmitted claims to M-Scribe.

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