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Medical Transcription

Advantages provided by M-Scribe's state-of-the-art speech recognition technology include:

Medical Transcription

  • Faster turnaround - As fast as 2 hours
  • Consistency - Over 99% accuracy
  • Privacy - Assured HIPAA compliance
  • Value - Cost saving over other methods
  • Services - 24/7 in-house customer care
  • Compatibility - Adaptable to all systems
  • Flexibility - Custom features and reports
  • Satisfaction - 100% customer retention

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HITECH EMR Stimulus Information for Physicians

Under HITECH law, physicians can qualify for up to $44,000 in Medicare EHR incentives if they demonstrate Meaningful Use of a certified Electronic Medical Record system. In a practice with three eligible providers, the incentive would total $132,000 across five years.

Medicare and Medicaid EHR incentive payouts under HITECH: An eligible provider who can demonstrate Meaningful Use of an EMR in 2011 would be eligible to receive $18,000 from Medicare for the first year, adding up to $44,000 total through 2015. Incentives for adoption are reduced after 2012. Physicians whose practices feature a high volume of Medicaid patients can qualify for up to $63,750 in incentives. Providers are only eligible for one program at any time and can switch incentive programs once after the first incentive payment is initiated.

Beginning in 2015, physicians who elect not to use an EMR will be penalized, starting with a 1% Medicare fee reduction. Medical providers who do not adopt an EMR after 2017 will face a 3% Medicare fee reduction and 5% Medicare fee reduction in 2019.

Please answer these brief questions for a rapid assessment of your likely eligibility on how you can be on the path to Meaningful Use and EHR incentive payments in just five minutes.

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