ICD-10 Medical Documentation Services

Medical Documentation with CPT, ICD-9 and ICD-10 codes

Conventional medical transcription services can be frustrating. Often, they can be inconsistent, requiring a physician or staff member to spend precious time correcting errors. Turnaround time can fluctuate each day. Additionally, these services can be very costly, as transcribers type words verbatim and generally charge by the line, word or page.

M-Scribe's innovative way of creating documents is to listen to dictation, enter relevant content into EHR charts and derive diagnosis and procedure codes (CPT, ICD-9 and ICD-10). This optimized process of documentation and coding maximizes the benefits that complete documentation offers (without incurring extra costs). This blend of expertise and technology offers several key benefits.


It is unnecessary for physicians and mid-level practitioners to enter notes or required to learn ever changing coding intricacies. M-Scribe can derive diagnosis and procedure codes (CPT, ICD-9 and ICD-10) from the same documentation or review EHR auto-generated codes. 

Improved Efficiency

Traditional transcription can lead to a lot of wasted time and frustration. Providers often struggle to get dictation tools to work properly, creating the need to spend valuable time making corrections to progress notes, operative reports and other medical documents. Our medical documentation service has back-end speech recognition, eliminating problems associated with traditional dictation systems. M-Scribe uses EHR to deliver your notes completely, eliminating the need for editing and self-correction.

Streamlined Process

The typical transcription process entails a physician to dictate information, alerting transcriptionists that dictation has been completed, and then waiting for completed transcriptions to be returned. To address this issue, our EHR system makes information readily available for access. 

Our team of CPC coders correctly code records the first time, allowing for the collection process to be expedited. Our expert knowledge in ICD-10 coding (full roll-out is effective October, 2014), aids in planning for this conversion, eliminating any worries. A recent study sponsored by MGMA, indicated it would cost approximately $28,000 per physician to convert to ICD-10.

Reduces Cost

In-house or outsourced, traditional transcription services can be costly, as they are typically charged by the line, word or page. Each year, in-house coding services cost medical facilities a significant amount of money to purchase new equipment and to keep up with frequent, complex coding changes.

Dictated information is entered directly into an EHR, (reducing documentation costs), while our CPC team codes records correctly the first time, circumventing increased expenditures.

Claims Submission

Typically, medical practices rely on separate companies to submit claims to insurance companies. With M-Scribe, there is no need to hire a separate biller, as we generate and submit superbills on your behalf.  Future follow-up communication is made to ensure prompt payment is received. The secret for obtaining improved reimbursement rates (compared to industry standard) is by providing complete, comprehensive documentation.

Advanced Expertise and Technology

If a transcriptionist does not have specific medical specialty experience, there is an increased risk for documentation errors. This can lead to coding errors and create unnecessary delays for claims reimbursement.

Our documentation specialists have years of medical specialty transcription experience and are Certified Professional Coders (CPC). Advanced technology makes our system simple and convenient for anyone to use. Reducing errors will improve accuracy, consistency and maximize the likelihood of a timely collection.

M-Scribe offers an all-in-one solution for medical documentation, billing, and coding. By combining an experienced workforce with advanced technology tools, we make it possible for health care providers to get the most out of comprehensive documentation.

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