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Medical Billing

M-Scribe provides comprehensive billing solutions to private practices and clinics. Service advantages are:

  • Complete Billing Solution — Data entry, EHR/PM and collections

  • Same Day Claim Processing — Claims are processed within 24-hours

  • Error Free Process — Pre-adjudicates your claims before submission

  • Software Integration — Compatible with a wide range of EHR and billing systems

  • Information Sharing — Dashboard reports are electronically available 24/7

  • Experienced Team — Certified medical professionals with outstanding qualifications

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We have been working with M-Scribe for about 4 years. The customer service is what really stands out as being excellent. An immediate response to any problem is the best compliment. Someone is available "on call" 24 hours a day including weekends, which is quite reassuring and has been useful on the few occasions that it was necessary. Not being put on hold forever and forced to push endless buttons is refreshing today.

- Pennsylvania Podiatrist Practice

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