Medical Billing Service Advantages

M-Scribe helps reduce payroll costs, boost revenues, and ensure accuracy and compliance.

Guaranteed Results. Leaves you with no doubt as to how your billing will be managed. No other medical billing service can match our guarantee.

Proven Track Record. All claims are processed within 24-hours, allowing M-Scribe to grow your profits and increase collections 10% to 20%, while lowering billing costs (compared to in-house).

M-Scribe has over twelve years of experience with inpatient and outpatient billing. We have trained and protected over 1,800 physicians and are the "go-to" company for hundreds of physician practices, clinics and individual physicians.

Complete Medical Coding and Billing Solution. Includes EHR, an upfront insurance verification and patient collection tool, patient calls and data entry. M-Scribe never requests your staff to perform data entry, correct claims or perform patient collection duties.

Extraordinary Processing. Errors are prevented from propagating throughout the system. Our experienced coding auditors and pre-adjudicates examine your claims before they are submitted. Before claims are sent to payers, we can determine what will be paid or needs further accompanying information.

Technology Expertise. We have been working with many billing software services such as Kareo, eClinicalWorks, e-MDs, Greenway, Navicure, Lytec, Medisoft, Mysis, Medisys, Office Ally, GE Centricity, Medical Manager, EMA Dermatology (Modernizing Medicine), AdvancedMD, Athena Health, Imagine, Allscripts, HealthNautica, Practice Expert, Practice Fusion, NextGen, SequelMD, Practice Partner, OmniMD, Zirmed and many others. 

Complete Transparency. All claims are transmitted electronically and filed after verification. Easy-to-read dashboard reports are available online 24/7 from any computer. Our reporting procedures and processes are truly unrivaled in the medical billing industry.

Incredible Team. Includes healthcare professionals, certified medical billers, certified coders, experienced business professionals and engineers. Our medical billing services retain caliber people to deal effectively and efficiently with insurance companies and government entities.


Medical Billing