Why Outsource Medical Billing to M-Scribe?

Medical Billing Service

Eliminate code/data entry into practice management — M-Scribe’s billing experts process your data by entering charges, payments and adjustments within 24-hours. Detailed, real-time billing reports are readily available for viewing and in-depth analysis.

Bill smarter, get paid faster — tired of rejected claims? M-Scribe offers 24-hour billing and claims scrubbing technology that virtually eliminates poor claims submissions. Through tools such as Electronic Remittance Advice (ERA) and Electronic Funds Transfer (EFT), payments can be received in as little as five days.

Keep more of what you earn — according to the AMA, in-house billing costs an average medical practice approximately 10% of their income. M-Scribe charges a flat percentage of monies collected with no hidden fees or additional costs.

Improve collections — receive faster reimbursement through electronic claims submission. Account information is available the next day and payments can be received within five days.

Monitor fiscal standing — keep constant track of co-pays, self-pays and insurance payments. View account details to confirm billings and generate thorough, up-to-the-minute financial reports.

Free Specialty EHR

100% free — Practice Fusion's EHR is 100% free. No hidden charges, software costs or or monthly fees for support access. Licensing, hosting, training and support are all included. Your practice always retains data ownership and can be exported at any time. View our EMR Comparison Chart (Quest360, eClinicalWorks and Allscripts):  https://www.m-scribe.com/emr_comparison.html

Pocket your stimulus check — utilizing a free EHR service qualifies your practice for $44,000 (or more) in stimulus incentives. By avoiding paying for expensive software licensing and implementation costs of a traditional EHR, your practice can keep these stimulus funds — invest in additional resources for updated hardware or patient care.

Strength in numbers — Practice Fusion is the fastest growing EHR community in the United States. Join with the 50,000+ medical providers who have chosen Practice Fusion's EHR for their practices.

Go paperless — take efficiency to the next level by using tools that enable a virtually paper-free practice. M-Scribe’s Free Specialty EHR, Billing and Medical Transcription Services will electronically secure patient records and maintain complete HIPAA compliance while providing a stress-free experience.

Medical Documentation

Transcription 2.0 — our documentation professionals listen to dictation and only update relevant content into the EHR. With this information, they can derive diagnosis codes, procedure codes, and create superbills. This blend of expertise and technology offers several benefits.

We adapt to your methods — if you wish to continue your current style of dictation, M-Scribe’s documentation service will maintain your preferred method.

Harness the latest technology — when it comes to speech recognition, M-Scribe is a pioneer. Natural Language Processing (NLP), and Computer Assisted Coding (CAC) provide consistent, quality documentation along with outstanding coding and billing services.

Discrete Reportable Transcription (DRT) — our efficient, accurate, cost effective, turnkey service directly populates discrete reportable notes into your EHR chart section.

Free digital recorders — upon request, M-Scribe provides free handheld recorders for dictating physicians.

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