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Medical Billing Service

We also specialize in provider credentialing, payer contract review, and medical coding

Compatible with All Practice Management Software

Medical Billing Pricing as lows as 3%

How M-Scribe Helps Medical Practices?

Medical Coding Service
Medical Coding

Certified medical coders ensure that your practice is using appropriate specificity in your ICD-10 coding. Correct codes help reduce denials and maximize per code collection. Our code utilization reports help you better understand revenue generated from specific codes and identify most profitable procedures.

Provider Credentialing
Provider Credentialing

Our credentialing experts have extensive experience with CAQH registration. Our team can enroll your practice with all the top payers in your area including government, commercial, and managed care plans. We work closely with you and your payers to eliminate any delays and expedite your enrollment process.

Payer Contract Review
Payer Contract Review

Our proprietary program automatically compares all your contractually allowed amount with payments received from different payers. It ensures that you are collecting what is contracted without sacrificing any revenue. Historical data also helps you measure the efficiency of the various procedures over time and across payers.

Account Receivable Service
Account Receivable Service

Our senior accounts receivable (AR) specialists will do an in-depth cause analysis to understand payer-specific billing and coding denials. We work aggressively to collect everything that can be collected and help you implement process solutions to prevent future rejections and denials.


This eBook shares best practices around medical billing, coding and ways to increase reimbursement

Tips to make more money for your medical practice


Most medical practices underestimate the costs of in-house staff salaries, benefits, high employee turnover, purchasing technology systems and inefficiencies in billing processes. Even when these services are outsourced, some outsourced providers have many hidden fees making it a non-viable option for small to medium size practices. M-Scribe medical billing services provide a cost advantage vs. in-house and other leading billing service providers because our efficient processes, award winning proprietary technology and coding expertise. We work with you to optimize your collections - including identifying the most profitable procedures, reducing undercoding, payer comparison, marketing and patient communication support.

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Medical Billing Services in Atlanta

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