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6 Most Common Factors to Avoid Medical Claim Denials and Increase Revenue

Patrick Dougherty

It will probably come as no surprise, that medical claim denials are on the rise, for both physicians and hospitals. With this rise come serious and expensive challenges for healthcare organizations and providers alike, with lost revenue projected to run into the billions of dollars. Considering that many otherwise re-billable claims are allowed to languish unbilled and unpaid, denials need to be avoided at the onset and if they occur, dealt with immediately.

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Proven Strategies That Will Help Your OB-GYN Practice Increase Revenue

Harold Gibson

According to surveys, many obstetricians and gynecologists decide to do their job because they want to care for women through their lives. Many find that it’s rewarding, and they enjoy the relational, intellectual, and practical aspects the job presents. However, challenges like coordinating with insurance companies, dealing with complex EMRs, an increase in administrative work are all major stressors. And then, there’s the challenge of trying to keep an  practice profitable. If your profits have been taking a hit, here’s a look at some practical strategies you can use to increase revenue for your OB-GYN practice.  

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Topics: OB/GYN billing, Ob Gyn Coding

Essential Telemedicine Billing and Coding Tips for Providers

Harold Gibson

Advances in modern technology and consumer demand both contribute to the increasing popularity of telemedicine. It’s been transforming the healthcare landscape, making it possible for patients to receive treatment from home. Providers now have the ability to communicate with patients at any time and anywhere, keeping on top of their health status and offering essential interventions when needed. As it becomes clear that telemedicine can reduce readmissions and even reduce the cost of care for patients, more payers are reimbursing for this type of care. If your practice will be offering telemedicine services to your patients, here’s a look at some essential telemedicine billing and coding considerations to keep in mind for 2019. 

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Topics: telehealth billing, Telehealth Coverage

What Medical Practice Owners Needs to Know Regarding New Tax laws

Harold Gibson

Tax season is here again and even for those who file quarterly for business expenses and liabilities, there are still plenty of changes afoot that have likely already impacted your personal and family taxes and deductions and those of your employees, vendors and other associates.

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Topics: medical practice management, medical practice profitability

Success with bundled payments – Strategies for Medical Practice and Providers

Patrick Dougherty

“Bundling 101” explained

What is bundling? Simply put, bundling (also known variously as value-based, episode-based payment, evidence-based case rate and several other names) is reimbursement for health care services by hospitals or providers “on the basis of expected costs for clinically-defined episodes of care.” Bundling is thought of as a “middle-ground” between the longstanding practice of fee-for-service, where providers are paid for each individual service given, and capitation, which normally pays a lump sum per patient regardless of the number of services that patient receives. 

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