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How to Improve the Patient Experience In a Medical Practice

Harold Gibson

Every practice and health organization, regardless of size or specialty, needs to step back from time to time and evaluate their patients’ experiences and satisfaction levels. With more patients flexing their consumer muscles and taking on more financial responsibility for their health care expenses, providers no longer can afford to do “business as usual.”

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Topics: Patient experience

Critical Steps to Take to Safeguard Medical Practice

Harold Gibson

Physicians and other providers need to take additional steps to protect hard-earned business and professional assets. You’re busy growing your practice, and you may think that having a will or trust as well as a standard-issue property and liability insurance policy is sufficient protection.

While insurance is a necessary part of any asset protection strategy, other factors, such as its legal structure, are equally important.
The main thing to remember is to act now. Too many physicians and other business owners defer taking steps to adequately protect their assets, as well as the very business that generates income, until it’s too late.

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Topics: Safeguarding Medical Practice

Nephrology Coding Guide: Best Practices for Accurate Billing and More Revenue

Harold Gibson

With the implementation of ICD-10 came the need to code with a significantly higher level of specificity. Over the past few years, more regulations and new codes have been released, making nephrology coding even more complex. Along with navigating new levels of specificity and new codes, nephrology practices must also deal with additional requirement from their payers. Staying on top of all new latest guidelines for ICD-10, E&M, and CPT coding is challenging, so we’ve put together a helpful nephrology coding guide to provide you with the best practices for accurate nephrology coding from documenting renal failure to codes for diabetes to essential tips for documenting complications of care. 

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Topics: Nephrology billing, nephrology coding

What Practices Need to Know About Pain Management Compliance

Harold Gibson

Pain management: from 2017 and beyond

Tougher pain management billing regulations, along with more documentation and closer scrutiny by payers are the order of the day following 2017’s many changes. Thanks to claims being flagged for review, physicians who were used to being paid within 30 days are now seeing payments held up as long as 180 days! To be approved for pain management charges, you will need to thoroughly document all evidence for supporting the necessity of the procedures.

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Topics: pain management billing, pain management revenue cycle

The Building Blocks of Successful Digital Marketing for Pediatric Practices

Harold Gibson

Pediatricians often face the challenge of trying to distinguish their practice from generalist primary care physicians and family practices. In the constantly changing healthcare environment, pediatric practices must beat out the competition with savvy digital marketing in order to be successful. Parents selecting medical care for their children want to make the best possible choice, and it’s your practice’s job to make sure that you’re connecting with these families and showing how your practice stands out. We’ve put together a more detailed look at the building blocks to using digital marketing successfully to ensure you connect with families and turn them into loyal patients. 

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Topics: Pediatrics Billing, Medical Practice Marketing

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