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Tips to Increase Medical Practice Profitability

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We are a Medical Billing Service Company

M-Scribe is uniquely positioned to provide medical billing, ICD-10 coding and documentation services. Our years of experience have allowed us to build processes that drive efficiency and enable our clients to stay compliant. Our distinctive documentation process ensures that only relevant patient encounter content is entered in the EHR. Monitoring entry of content into EHR leads to generation of accurate procedure and diagnosis codes. This process helps us to process claims within 24 hours and eventually get paid faster.

Established in 2002 by a group of physicians, we are a national provider of Medical Billing, Coding and Documentation Services with offices in Boston and Atlanta. Our team includes over 500 healthcare professionals working with more than 200 clinics and 25 hospitals. We strive to provide the best services that will exceed your expectations.

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We serve a wide range of clients, from solo practitioners to multi-site, multi-specialty practices with many different Electronic Health Records (EHRs) and Practice Management (PM) Software.

We can effectively meet all of your Medical Billing, Coding Documentation needs effectively to enhance your practice management. M-Scribe facilitates both paper and electronic transmission of your patient encounter data for efficient Practice Management Compatibility. We will also manage payer as well as patient side of the collection.

Curious about Practice Management Compatibility? M-Scribe makes it easy!

Healthcare Business Intelligence (BI)

Healthcare providers are increasingly applying Healthcare Business Intelligence (BI) solutions to the collection, integration and analysis of healthcare information. Business Intelligence (BI) is used to organize clinical, business and operational data. M-Scribe is committed to supplying healthcare providers with the tools and resources to integrate Business Intelligence (BI) into everyday decision making.


M-Scribe engages qualified partners to provide the best choice and quality for your medical billing solutions.

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