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Add New Patients, Increase Revenue and Reduce Costs

Due to uncertainty in healthcare reimbursements, higher costs, and new regulations, physician practices are seeking ways to increase their revenue. Adding patients to a medical practice can be a successful tactic, but diversifying into new revenue streams leads to greater success. 

Along with providing medical billing services, we always aim to make more money for our clients. We partner with different organizations to offer you new revenue streams at reduced cost options that can translate into increased profitability for your practice.  

Adding services such as physician dispensing or allergy testing and treatment, telemedicine services, or in-house lab works for a variety of reasons. First, physicians can attract new patients who may not have sought treatment otherwise. Second, having ancillary services allows physicians to cross-sell to existing patients. You can also avail hundreds and thousands of dollars in supplies discounts by leveraging our partnership with Group Purchasing Organization.

However, to be successful, this strategy requires careful research and planning. Instead of guessing what ancillary services to add, M-Scribe closely works with physicians to understand their unique situation and provides all the details for each of these possibilities so that they can take out the guesswork and consider the options based on their needs and requirements. 

We offer all of these extra services to all of our billing customers without any obligation or commitment.

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