“There are 50 million people symptomatic for allergy in the U.S., a figure that has doubled since 1995,” says Nick Hollis, the chief executive officer of United Allergy Services (UAS). “And it’s projected to double again in the next ten years.”
That's why offering allergy testing services and allergen immunotherapy treatment is a smart move for a general practitioner and many other specialty providers. Patients appreciate the convenience of getting allergy tests and medication from a provider they already trust. 

To know more about the allergy testing and business aspect of the service, please download the presentation by filling in the form on the right side.

It includes -

  • Latest national data on allergy
  • What types of allergy treatment a medical practice should offer
  • Resource requirements to add allergy treatment
  • How to do allergy billing

We Help Medical Practices with a Turn Key Solution
Along with providing medical billing services, we always aim to make more money for our clients. We partner with different organizations to offer you new revenue streams at reduced cost options that can translate into increased profitability for your medical practice. Our allergy specialist will come with an account manager for an introduction. We will give you details about the business along with the live demonstration and the necessary training for you and your staff. We will also provide supplies to make sure you can start helping patients as soon as possible.

Call us today at 770-666-0470 for a face-to-face meeting to understand how you can add allergy testing and treatment into your facility. At no extra charge or obligation, we can help to improve your medical practice revenue and profitability.