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Increase Medical Practice Profitability

Increase Medical Practice Profitability

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Advantages of Medical Chart Audit Program 

M-Scribe offers coding and documentation chart review program designed to help individual physicians, medical practices, and group practices to avoid future RAC audits. M-Scribe coding and documentation audit specialist will review procedure and diagnosis codes, documentation, patient records along with EOBs and payers contract for the past six months, while assessing compliance regulation. Based on the review we will give you detailed report on area of concerns and vulnerability to determine next steps for your medical practice.


M-Scribe has over twelve years of experience with diverse audits and has protected physician practices from compliance problems, coding and collection issues. In 2015, approximately 2.9 million codes were coded, 3.7 million patient accounts were registered and 5.16 million charges in terms of counts. $955.9 million in charges was entered and $438 million was collected. We have trained and protected over 1,800 physician practices, clinics and individual physicians.


Our nationally experienced and certified staff fully serves the needs of physician owned practices and has the proven ability to effectively change staff and provider behaviors. Not only will M-Scribe lessen your audit risks, but will improve your reimbursement dollars while creating a positive outcome with your operating results.


For practices of any size, our pre-RAC aduit service is affordable and made available as a one time project basis. With offices in Atlanta and Boston, we serve a diverse group of clients ranging from solo practitioners to multi-site, multi-specialty practices. We have proven record of reducing billing and coding error rates from over 60% to under 10% along with numerous up-coding and under-coding situations.

The M-Scribe Audit Program is a unique service provided by Certified Billers and Coders!


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