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AI and Data Analytics Helps Preventing Diabetes-Related Diseases

Harold Gibson

Two of the possible complications of type 2 diabetes are heart failure as well as diabetic kidney disease as the leading causes of disability or death for people with diabetes. While promising new medical interventions are available, identifying high-risk patients has been challenging. We’ll discuss in more detail below the latest developments from artificial intelligence (AI), machine learning aided by analytics and EHR that can help predict potential risks with far more accuracy.

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Topics: artificial intelligence in healthcare

Precision Medicine Impact on Chronic Care, Payers and EHR

Harold Gibson

The development of precision medicine is finally being recognized as a legitimate form of treatment offering potentially targeted, personalized interventions and better diagnoses leading to improved patient outcomes. Artificial intelligence and analytics technology are behind these medical advances, while cloud computing and creating alliances with major technology companies offer better access to the huge amounts of data necessary for medical insights and decisions.

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Topics: precision medicine

Is Work-Life Balance for Physician Really Possible?

Patrick Dougherty

Work-life balance. It's a buzzword that continues to get a fair amount of attention across many industries. When it comes to the medical community, this concept is increasingly important as conversations around the depression, burnout and dissatisfaction that physicians commonly experience mean they face overall unhappiness regarding their career choice and its effects on their lives. 

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Topics: work-life balance for physician

Best Practices for Pain Management Billing to Increase Collection

Harold Gibson

In just a few short years, the methods and efficiencies of pain management claims reimbursement have undergone dramatic changes. Thanks in large part to the adoption of the more complex ICD-10 codes, pain management practices are finding it increasingly difficult to meet both federal regulators’ and payers’ demands.

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Topics: pain management billing

Healthcare Technology: Alleviating Stress and Finding Solutions

Harold Gibson

The technology was touted as being a game-changer for the healthcare industry. Most leaders in healthcare apparently believed in its possibilities, according to a November 2018 Stat poll by the Medical Group Management Association (MGMA). While the number of respondents (70 percent) who indicated that they would be investing in new healthcare tech the following year wasn't surprising, the fact that it has stayed consistent for a number of years indicates that they haven't found a true solution that addresses their pain points.

Here's how to stop the cycle of stress and find solutions instead:

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