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Harold Gibson

Harold Gibson

Harold R Gibson is the Chief Financial Officer at M-Scribe - a healthcare revenue cycle management company. Harold is an accomplished healthcare professional with extensive experience in the medical billing and coding industry. You can follow him on Twitter @mscribetech. He is interested to get your feedback/suggestions. Please email him at h.gibson@m-scribe.com.

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The Future of Telehealth in the Wake of Covid-19

Harold Gibson

Within the past couple of months, stay-at-home restrictions and social distancing due to the Covid-19 pandemic have resulted in a dramatic increase in the use of telehealth. In the past, telehealth was nice to have around and came with some significant restrictions, but the pandemic has propelled it forward. However, without telehealth reimbursement parity, the advancements made within the past months could be lost. This is why many providers are already letting policymakers know that the current changes in payment policies need to stay in place, even once the pandemic and corresponding public health emergency is over (or at least under control).

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Topics: telehealth after Covid-19

7 Things You Need to Know About Healthcare Consumerism

Harold Gibson

What do you think the term healthcare consumerism means? While it isn’t broadly used as other definitions, the concept is now widely engrained in the way patients think and how we react as providers to their needs.

In most cases, healthcare consumerism means patients making educated and informed decisions based on quality of care within the medical field. However, some people take this to mean broader terms of taking their money elsewhere if they aren’t happy with the level of service provided by their doctor.

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Topics: healthcare consumerism

Improving Revenue Cycle Management at Ambulatory Surgery Center

Harold Gibson

According to BeckersASC.com, Ambulatory Surgical Centers (ASCs) are in a position to be extremely successful in the coming years. Trends like the ability to expand offered procedures, increasing reimbursement for ASCs, growing consumer demand, and migrating care delivery are all weighing in favor of ASCs. However, despite being poised for even great success, it’s always critical to make sure you have your eye on your revenue cycle management to keep your ASC in the green. 

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Topics: Ambulatory surgical center billing, RCM in ASC

In-house vs. Outsourced: Medical Billing Services Comparison

Harold Gibson

In the current environment, where every expense is critical to the survival of a business, deciding whether to outsource your medical billing services or keep it in-house is a critical decision to make. The Do-It-Yourself (DIY) model with your in-house billers and coders often works for medical practices, but some providers don’t realize they have many other options besides only in-house billing staff.

Consider your current and future needs, your ability to find, train, and retain efficient and committed staff, and your bottom line when you determine which model suits your needs.

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Topics: in-house vs outsourced medical billing services

Benefits of Outsourcing Medical Billing Services During COVID-19

Harold Gibson

As the country continues to deal with the public health emergency that’s come with the COVID-19 pandemic, telehealth is offering an excellent way for practices across the country to care for patients. Telemedicine – used for those with and without the coronavirus – offers the ability to protect high-risk patients, healthcare workers, and the entire community from the spread of the virus.

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Topics: outsourcing medical billing service

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