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Harold Gibson

Harold Gibson

Harold R Gibson is the Chief Financial Officer at M-Scribe - a healthcare revenue cycle management company. Harold is an accomplished healthcare professional with extensive experience in the medical billing and coding industry. You can follow him on Twitter @mscribetech. He is interested to get your feedback/suggestions. Please email him at h.gibson@m-scribe.com.

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5 Ways to Keep your Best Healthcare Providers that Don't Include a Raise

Harold Gibson

Dependable healthcare providers are increasingly difficult to find, so once you have hired, trained and on-boarded an employee, you need to do everything you can to retain them for the long term. Every time you have to hire a new nurse or medical professional, it costs your facility money; recent research suggests locating, screening and hiring a single nurse can cost your facility over $14,000. A physician or specialist is even more costly to replace; if you lose one of your doctors and you'll need to fork over a hefty $58,000 in recruitment, screening, onboarding and credentialing costs to replace them. Since the replacement process is so incredibly costly, it pays to retain your best employees as long as you can. 

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Topics: medical practice management, medical practice challenges

How Ambulatory Surgical Centers Can Meet the Challenges for the Year Ahead

Harold Gibson

Ambulatory surgical centers (ASCs) are in for more challenges in the coming months as well as a new windfall from CMS, all of which will serve to create more challenges (and headaches for billing staff) in 2019 and beyond.  

With the emphasis by CMS to implement site-neutral policies to incentivize lower-cost settings, three major outcomes can be predicted, according to Linda R. O’Neill, the Health Industry Distributors Association (HIDA) Vice President of Government Affairs.

  • These resulting lower costs are making ASCs much more attractive to potential buyers, such as hospitals looking for mergers and acquisitions in facilities favored by the latest CMS ASC rulings.
  • Nearly a fifth of the healthcare executives who responded to HIDA’s survey reported that they are interested in acquiring surgical centers.
  • On the other hand, over 70 percent of ASC decision makers don’t anticipate any mergers or acquisitions within the next two years.
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Topics: Ambulatory surgical center billing

Anticipated Impact on Healthcare of Recent AI Developments

Harold Gibson

Just a couple of years ago, artificial intelligence (AI) as it applies to healthcare was considered a promising but distant goal on the horizon. Even Partners Health Care as recently as 2018 set a 10-year time frame for the AI technologies poised to revolutionize care within a decade.

Within just the past 12 months, however, research has made enough progress to roll out the following developments that will impact how we provide healthcare for patients and run practices from the top down.

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Topics: artificial intelligence in healthcare

Proven Strategies That Will Help Your OB-GYN Practice Increase Revenue

Harold Gibson

According to surveys, many obstetricians and gynecologists decide to do their job because they want to care for women through their lives. Many find that it’s rewarding, and they enjoy the relational, intellectual, and practical aspects the job presents. However, challenges like coordinating with insurance companies, dealing with complex EMRs, an increase in administrative work are all major stressors. And then, there’s the challenge of trying to keep an  practice profitable. If your profits have been taking a hit, here’s a look at some practical strategies you can use to increase revenue for your OB-GYN practice.  

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Topics: OB/GYN billing, Ob Gyn Coding

Essential Telemedicine Billing and Coding Tips for Providers

Harold Gibson

Advances in modern technology and consumer demand both contribute to the increasing popularity of telemedicine. It’s been transforming the healthcare landscape, making it possible for patients to receive treatment from home. Providers now have the ability to communicate with patients at any time and anywhere, keeping on top of their health status and offering essential interventions when needed. As it becomes clear that telemedicine can reduce readmissions and even reduce the cost of care for patients, more payers are reimbursing for this type of care. If your practice will be offering telemedicine services to your patients, here’s a look at some essential telemedicine billing and coding considerations to keep in mind for 2019. 

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Topics: telehealth billing, Telehealth Coverage

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