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Neeraj Jain

Neeraj Jain

Successful entrepreneur and founder of M-Scribe Technologies that specializes in Medical Billing, Coding, Revenue Leakage, Coding Audits, and Data Analytics Services.

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The Impact of Artificial Intelligence in Healthcare

Neeraj Jain

Also known as machine learning or machine intelligence, artificial intelligence (AI) is a category of computer science that mimics the thought processes of the human brain. While difficult to concisely define and explain, it is multidisciplinary in both theory and practice, and has the potential to considerably improve quality of lives through its many applications. In medicine, AI is most likely to be utilized in diagnostics, risk prediction, treatments, drug research and clinical care. Not surprisingly, the rate of AI’s acceleration in application in medicine has been impressive, particularly among cognitive computing and big data analytics. 

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Topics: artificial intelligence in healthcare, artificial-intelligence-use-in-healthcare, AI in healthcare

5 Ways to Improve Medical Practice Revenue

Neeraj Jain

In this environment of ever-tightening payout schedules and reference codes, it's essential for medical practices of all sizes to look for ways to boost their revenues. Keeping revenues growing helps drive the success of the medical practice and complements the compassion of the staff. Follow the tips below for a seamless combination of both objectives. 

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Topics: Medical Practice Revenue, medical practice profitability

Start Planning Now to Improve Your Medical Practice for 2019

Neeraj Jain

Every year, the medical field continues to evolve through new technologies, marketing, and industry changes. Keeping your practice afloat amidst all these transformations takes hard work, particularly as the healthcare market becomes even more demanding. What’s the secret to success in 2019? We’ve put together several key areas that your practice should be preparing for in 2019 to improve your results and boost revenue. 

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Topics: Medical Practice Marketing

Artificial Intelligence (AI) Advantages for Medical Practices

Neeraj Jain

Introduction: What AI is and how it works

Simply put, artificial intelligence (AI) refers to a computer’s independent ability to solve problems for which they have not been specifically previously programmed. Algorithms in the machine learning driving the computer’s “thoughts” provide the conceptual background for the computer’s ability to process data input, followed by making decisions based on that information. The machine needs to:

  • Accept input about a problem from its environment
  • Create a list of potential actions
  • Use probability and logic to select the most potentially successful activities
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Topics: artificial intelligence in healthcare

How Artificial Intelligence is Transforming Medical Practices

Neeraj Jain

Artificial Intelligence (AI) is a means of storing and rapidly accessing massive amounts of data with the ability to access and utilize the appropriate data for decision-making. Just as the human brain makes decisions based on its collective stored data, the more (quality) data that is available, the better will be the decisions. Since the AI technology has the capacity to store far more data than the normal human brain, AI specialists and experts are working to program this technology to sort, analyze and make better evidence-based decisions in the medical field.

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