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Patrick Dougherty

Patrick Dougherty

Patrick Dougherty is the General Manager at M-Scribe. Patrick has worked in the RCM field for 20 years. He was the founder and CEO of his own billing company before joining M-Scribe three years ago as the GM and VP of Business Development. Patrick enjoys golf, traveling and spending time with his family in North Georgia.

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Success with bundled payments – Strategies for Medical Practice and Providers

Patrick Dougherty

“Bundling 101” explained

What is bundling? Simply put, bundling (also known variously as value-based, episode-based payment, evidence-based case rate and several other names) is reimbursement for health care services by hospitals or providers “on the basis of expected costs for clinically-defined episodes of care.” Bundling is thought of as a “middle-ground” between the longstanding practice of fee-for-service, where providers are paid for each individual service given, and capitation, which normally pays a lump sum per patient regardless of the number of services that patient receives. 

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Providers Need to Know E&M Code Documentation Changes

Patrick Dougherty

Physicians have been trying for years to persuade the CMS to revise evaluation and management (E&M) documentation requirements as being excessively burdensome, especially for those primary care providers treating very sick patients. CMS has finally listened, and with input from the AMA and more than 170 other patient and physician advocacy groups, developed a list of proposals some of which were welcomed as needed changes while some others were opposed by physicians and patient advocacy groups.

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Topics: E&M Code, E&M Code Documentation

Eight Healthcare “wins” to Know About for 2019

Patrick Dougherty

While there was much uncertainty amid efforts to reform some of the more troublesome regulations and reduce their impacts on patient and provider alike, some good news has finally emerged.  The AMA and their various partners among many states have worked to reach consensus among the various industry advocacy groups and organizations among a number of areas needing reform: drug prices, improved EHR usability, insurance abuse and other critical issues. Overall, over 85 victories were won in areas as diverse as reducing gun violence, securing a greater degree of regulatory relief and improving physician reimbursement, according to AMA President, Barbara L. McAneny, MD. 

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Topics: medical practice management, healthcare industry

How to Build a Successful Independent Medical Practice

Patrick Dougherty

Launching an independent, or solo, practice is becoming more attractive, especially to newer physicians, who see it as a way to retain more autonomy and practice medicine as they envision it rather than toe the line of a larger, more impersonal corporate administration.

As one solo practitioner puts it: There are no office managers or practice administrators who come to me on a daily basis asking me to see more patients per day. No one asks me why I only saw two or three new patients yesterday…In my practice, we have a very high patient retention rateThe patients tell me they enjoy being seen by the same physician for each follow-up visit. They also like the friendly atmosphere in my office.

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Topics: small physician practice

How to Market Dermatology Practice Sucessfully

Patrick Dougherty

There’s a good chance that your dermatology practice is already pretty busy. This means you don’t merely want to increase new-patient numbers for 2019 you want to change your mix of cases. Maybe you want to cultivate a niche dermatology practice, or you’d like to bring in more cash-pay aesthetic patients. Many dermatology practices aren’t aware that they actually have the power to influence the patients they attract to their office. When done strategically, it’s possible to market your practice in such a way that you bring in the patients you really want. Here’s a closer look at some of the tips and strategies you’ll need to begin drawing in that patient base you want to take your practice to the next level this year. 

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Topics: Dermatology Practice Marketing

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