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Patrick Dougherty

Patrick Dougherty

Patrick Dougherty is the General Manager at M-Scribe. Patrick has worked in the RCM field for 20 years. He was the founder and CEO of his own billing company before joining M-Scribe three years ago as the GM and VP of Business Development. Patrick enjoys golf, traveling and spending time with his family in North Georgia.

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7 Best Tips for Hiring Clinical Staff in a Small Medical Practice

Patrick Dougherty

Most physicians and small medical practice administrators understand the importance of hiring qualified staff. Not only does having the right people make a difference in how smoothly everything runs, but it can also make a huge impact on your patients. But how do you find the right people and—more importantly—how do you find ways to afford them? Here are seven of our best tips for hiring clinical staff in a small medical practice.

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Topics: Hiring clinical staff

Medical Auditing Can Help Increase Profitability

Patrick Dougherty

Nearly every medical practice faces auditing from governmental agencies like the CMS. An equally important auditing process, however, is one that your medical practice takes on itself. 

Medical Auditing Explained

The main reason to perform a medical audit is to improve the financial health of your medical practice. An audit evaluates medical codes selected for diagnosis and procedures to ensure that they are supported by documentation from the physician. Any weaknesses revealed identify training opportunities that can be applied to your medical team

Second reason for medical practice owners and administrators to perform an audit is to make sure  deliver the highest quality health care to patients, your medical team must rely on patient health records. Ensuring that this documentation is complete, accurate and clear is the purpose of engaging in a medical audit. It serves to highlight those areas that need to be corrected and/or improved. 

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Topics: Medical Billing Audits, medical billing analysis

7 Reasons Your Medical Practice Needs a Patient Portal Today

Patrick Dougherty

In the last few years, technology has brought a wealth of convenience and progress to the medical industry. Unfortunately, one of the most under-utilized options from a medical practice perspective is the online patient portal.

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Topics: patient engagement, patient communication

5 Critical Tips to Maintain Positive Medical Practice Profile on Web

Patrick Dougherty

Gone are the days when you found a butcher, baker, or candlestick maker by thumbing through the Yellow Pages. Today, people rely heavily on online reviews when choosing everything from a plumber to a physician. 

That's why a positive online profile of your medical practice is a vital piece of marketing strategy. One negative review or comment could tank efforts to grow your practice. Even if the review's validity is questionable or entirely unwarranted, potential patients are turned off when they see one-star ratings followed by a strongly worded narrative of their experience. 

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Topics: Medical Practice Marketing

Is Work-Life Balance for Physician Really Possible?

Patrick Dougherty

Work-life balance. It's a buzzword that continues to get a fair amount of attention across many industries. When it comes to the medical community, this concept is increasingly important as conversations around the depression, burnout and dissatisfaction that physicians commonly experience mean they face overall unhappiness regarding their career choice and its effects on their lives. 

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Topics: work-life balance for physician

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