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5 Key Metrics to Assess Financial Health of Medical Practice

Neeraj Jain

As healthcare professionals, we are getting good at collecting reams of relevant data, but how can all of that information be leveraged with the right benchmarks, metrics, and best practices to improve your Revenue Cycle Management (RCM)? This blog discusses several proven ways to keep your AR department on track with fewer denials, data, managing aged accounts, reducing uncollectable bad debt, as well as the role of patient advocates when working with lower-income self-pay patients.

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Topics: Assess Financial Health of Medical Practice

COVID-19 Pandemic Fast Tracked RPM and Telehealth Implementation

Harold Gibson

Remote patient monitoring (RPM) has been making headway for several years, but it took a devastating COVID-19 pandemic to send RPM and telehealth into overdrive. Providers and vendors alike had to scramble to adjust and expand health platforms and reconfigure the tools necessary to meet the new demands. This blog will discuss the technological steps taken so far, and how technology vendors such as Phillips and SOC Telemed, and insurers as well as CMS are responding to the newest developments, and their impact on telehealth billing and reimbursement.

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Topics: telehealth after Covid-19, RPM Billing

Grow Your Medical Practice Quickly with SEO

Neeraj Jain

Medical practice administrators often overlook marketing in favor of RCM and other ongoing concerns. However, unless you have all of the patients you will ever need, you will have to get noticed by prospective patients and others looking for someone in your specialty. For new physicians and other providers, this is especially critical to growing your practice. We will give several proven tips you can use immediately to optimize your online presence and attract new patients and business.

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Topics: Medical Practice Marketing, Healthcare SEO

Using Predictive Analytics in Assessing Breast and Colon Cancer Risks

Harold Gibson

According to the World Health Organization (WHO), colon cancer is the third most common cancer and the second-highest cause of death worldwide, with breast cancer leading cancer among women, for whom those with denser breast tissue present challenges to effective screening.

Colon Screenings Improved with Predictive Analytics Models

Researchers affiliated with the Regenstrief Institute and US Dept of Veterans Affairs, led by Thomas F. Imperiale, MD, recently created a prediction model that can help determine a person’s risk of precancerous polyps and colon cancer. As a predictive analytic tool, the model can benefit patients in the UK, Canada, Netherlands, Australia, Italy, and other places where colonoscopies aren’t used for routine screenings.

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Topics: AI in healthcare, Predictive Analytics in Healthcare

Start Preparing Now for ICD-11 Changes

Harold Gibson

Medical practices and hospitals spent significant time and resources preparing for and adapting to ICD-10, but in 2019 the World Health Organization announced the new release of the International Classification of Diseases, Eleventh Edition (ICD-11). The good news is that your medical practice has some time to prepare for the changes. Countries may start using ICD-11 on January 1, 2022, although there’s been no decision on when and how the United States will begin implementing ICD-11.

While changing to ICD-11 should be far less challenging than the move to ICD-10, it’s still essential to prepare and plan ahead, so your practice is ready to move forward when it’s time to make the transition.

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Topics: ICD-11

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