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How to Grow Pain Management Practice Through Referrals

Harold Gibson

One of the best things pain management practice can do to grow their practice and improve patient outcomes is to make sure that you’re going beyond marketing to patients and turning your efforts towards building relationships with other medical practitioners. This allows you to help a patient through a treatment algorithm that may require multiple physicians, which is key to the well-being of your patients. But it also enables you to cultivate relationships that can result in referrals to your practice.  

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Advantages of Smaller Physician Practice

Patrick Dougherty

Big isn’t necessarily better, especially when it comes to delivering quality patient care. Researchers have found that smaller practices delivering more personalized patient care, had lower rates of preventable hospital admissions, possibly due to the fact that patients often have an easier time booking an appointment with a smaller practice, as well as better physician-patient relationships. These in turn may lead to keeping patients healthier by detecting potential conditions before they result in a hospital admission.

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Using IT to meet the challenges of Medicaid services

Harold Gibson

Approximately 19 percent of the U.S. population is covered by Medicaid, or roughly 70 million people.  Among the rural poor, especially, with children and elderly are at risk in underserved and lower socioeconomic regions of the country.

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Top Strategies for Ensuring Successful Provider Credentialing

Patrick Dougherty

One of the most important steps for onboarding a new provider for your practice is credentialing. Failing to get a new provider credentialed by payers could result in no payment for services unless a patient’s plan allows for out-of-network benefits. Credentialing involves verifying the facts such as the state licensure, medical school certificate, malpractice carriers, and also includes a background investigation of the physician’s financial and criminal history. 

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Topics: Provider Credentialing

Pediatrics Billing: focusing on vaccines and preventive medicine claims

Patrick Dougherty

Preventive medicine is one of the most critical components of providing care for infants and children by pediatricians.  Due to recent changes in CPT vaccination codes as well as billing requirements by payers, reimbursement for even the most routine vaccinations, as well as preventive exams, can become a billing challenge. Another loss of revenue for many pediatric providers is failure to maximize reimbursements by undercoding and omitting modifiers as well as submitting claims without supporting documentation.

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