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Ai In Healthcare Blog Posts

Using Predictive Analytics in Assessing Breast and Colon Cancer Risks

Harold Gibson

According to the World Health Organization (WHO), colon cancer is the third most common cancer and the second-highest cause of death worldwide, with breast cancer leading cancer among women, for whom those with denser breast tissue present challenges to effective screening.

Colon Screenings Improved with Predictive Analytics Models

Researchers affiliated with the Regenstrief Institute and US Dept of Veterans Affairs, led by Thomas F. Imperiale, MD, recently created a prediction model that can help determine a person’s risk of precancerous polyps and colon cancer. As a predictive analytic tool, the model can benefit patients in the UK, Canada, Netherlands, Australia, Italy, and other places where colonoscopies aren’t used for routine screenings.

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Artificial Intelligence (AI) is Changing the Revenue Cycle Management Processes

Harold Gibson

Navigating a global pandemic led to many changes in healthcare, both on the practice side and when it comes to behind-the-scenes operations. As we move forward into 2021, practices and healthcare systems are considering how to adapt and recover in the coming months, making the topic of artificial intelligence (AI) in healthcare and revenue cycle management a hot topic.

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The Impact of Artificial Intelligence in Healthcare

Neeraj Jain

Also known as machine learning or machine intelligence, artificial intelligence (AI) is a category of computer science that mimics the thought processes of the human brain. While difficult to concisely define and explain, it is multidisciplinary in both theory and practice, and has the potential to considerably improve quality of lives through its many applications. In medicine, AI is most likely to be utilized in diagnostics, risk prediction, treatments, drug research and clinical care. Not surprisingly, the rate of AI’s acceleration in application in medicine has been impressive, particularly among cognitive computing and big data analytics. 

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