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Medical Claim Denials Blog Posts

Decoding Common Denial Codes and Missing Modifiers

Harold Gibson

One of the common reasons your medical claims may be denied is for missing modifiers or invalid modifier combinations, which basically means that your procedure code isn’t consistent with the modifier you’ve used. Accurate coding of treatment is essential, but it’s also important to ensure you include modifiers when necessary and ensure you’ve used the correct one for the code you’re using.

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5 Ways to Prevent Claims From Being Denied and Improve Collections

Patrick Dougherty

Getting claims paid in a timely manner and as efficiently as possible is vital to the strength and longevity of your medical practice. According to some estimates, it costs medical providers an average of $6.50 to file each claim with an average of 5 to 10 percent of these being denied. When claims are re-submitted, the cost to do so jumps as high as $118. Up to 65 percent of denied claims are never even re-submitted at all. 

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6 Most Common Factors to Avoid Medical Claim Denials and Increase Revenue

Patrick Dougherty

It will probably come as no surprise, that medical claim denials are on the rise, for both physicians and hospitals. With this rise come serious and expensive challenges for healthcare organizations and providers alike, with lost revenue projected to run into the billions of dollars. Considering that many otherwise re-billable claims are allowed to languish unbilled and unpaid, denials need to be avoided at the onset and if they occur, dealt with immediately.

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How a Medical Practice Can Fight Claims Denials

Patrick Dougherty

There’s probably nothing quite as frustrating for your medical practice than dealing with claims denials. Bringing in a good profit is essential if your practice is going to grow and thrive. Continually dealing with denials leaves your staff spending more time dealing with denials, taking their time away from new claim submission, which slows down the revenue cycle. Here’s a closer look at some of the common reasons claims are denied, and how your medical practice can fight back at these denials. 

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Topics: medical claim denials

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