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Medical Practice Challenges Blog Posts

5 Ways to Keep your Best Healthcare Providers that Don't Include a Raise

Harold Gibson

Dependable healthcare providers are increasingly difficult to find, so once you have hired, trained and on-boarded an employee, you need to do everything you can to retain them for the long term. Every time you have to hire a new nurse or medical professional, it costs your facility money; recent research suggests locating, screening and hiring a single nurse can cost your facility over $14,000. A physician or specialist is even more costly to replace; if you lose one of your doctors and you'll need to fork over a hefty $58,000 in recruitment, screening, onboarding and credentialing costs to replace them. Since the replacement process is so incredibly costly, it pays to retain your best employees as long as you can. 

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Four Medical Practice Management Strategies to Increase Revenue Today

Patrick Dougherty

For many medical practices, office expenses are on the rise, regulatory demands have increased, and reimbursement from insurance companies may be declining. When your overhead continues to rise but your revenue per patient is staying flat, you may be tempted to see even more patients or perform more procedures. Unfortunately, this usually doesn’t work. You end working hard and faster, something that increasingly leads to dermatologist burnout. Instead of working harder, the key is to work smarter and increase efficiency. If your practice revenue has flatlined, the following four medical practice management strategies can help you reduce expenses and increase your revenue. 

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Topics: medical practice management, medical practice challenges

Top 3 Medical Practice Challenges When Trying to Improve Revenue

Harold Gibson

Many medical practices are having a tough time sustaining and improving their performance and practice revenue as the healthcare environment continues to involve. Trying to juggle decreasing resources with increased provider and patient demands makes it difficult to keep practices growing financially. While aligning with hospitals and health systems through affiliate or employment arrangements can be financially beneficial to some medical practices, but it doesn’t ensure optimal performance, growth, or improved practice revenue. 

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Topics: medical practice challenges

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