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Nephrology Billing Blog Posts

Nephrology Coding Guide: Best Practices for Accurate Billing and More Revenue

Harold Gibson

With the implementation of ICD-10 came the need to code with a significantly higher level of specificity. Over the past few years, more regulations and new codes have been released, making nephrology coding even more complex. Along with navigating new levels of specificity and new codes, nephrology practices must also deal with additional requirement from their payers. Staying on top of all new latest guidelines for ICD-10, E&M, and CPT coding is challenging, so we’ve put together a helpful nephrology coding guide to provide you with the best practices for accurate nephrology coding from documenting renal failure to codes for diabetes to essential tips for documenting complications of care. 

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Helpful Tips to Prevent Denials in Nephrology Billing

Harold Gibson

With continued changes to codes and rules, professional coders and physicians alike often have a tough time navigating the complexity of nephrology billing and coding. After the significant changes that came with ICD-10, CPT codes and E&M guidelines have continued to change, leaving practices dealing with additional requirements from payers and required specificity. Unfortunately, small mistakes can add up to costly denials, so it’s crucial to learn how to avoid the most common nephrology billing and coding errors and discover some of the best tips for preventing denials. 

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Nephrology Medical Billing Services and ICD-10 Coding

Harold Gibson

We’re a professional medical billing service company, providing specialty specific billing and coding services. It isn’t always easy work, as you might imagine. Every medical specialty has its own quirks and nuances when it comes to specialty medical billing and coding. The documentation needs to match the information that is contained a healthcare claim, and the technical language unique to each specialty needs to be clear and concise for auditors and coders.

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