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Pain Management Billing Blog Posts

Billing and Coding Tips For Opioid Use Disorder (OUD)

Harold Gibson

The Opioid Treatment Programs Medicare Billing and Payment fact sheet received an update from the Centers for Medicare & Medicaid Services (CMS) back in December of 2020, and it includes new billing and coding policies to use in 2021 when dealing with opioids use disorder (OUD).

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Pain Management Billing Coding Changes in the Year 2020

Harold Gibson

Each year, CMS releases changes that practices across the country must familiarize themselves with or risk facing denials and revenue loss in the coming year. Becoming informed on the new policies and codes early can help set your practice up for success in 2020.  Although some specialties saw very few changes for 2020, there have been some significant changes that will affect the pain management specialty this year. From big changes to somatic nerve injection codes to the E/M coding changes coming in the future, here’s what you need to know. 

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Best Practices for Pain Management Billing to Increase Collection

Harold Gibson

In just a few short years, the methods and efficiencies of pain management claims reimbursement have undergone dramatic changes. Thanks in large part to the adoption of the more complex ICD-10 codes, pain management practices are finding it increasingly difficult to meet both federal regulators’ and payers’ demands.

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How to Grow Pain Management Practice Through Referrals

Harold Gibson

One of the best things pain management practice can do to grow their practice and improve patient outcomes is to make sure that you’re going beyond marketing to patients and turning your efforts towards building relationships with other medical practitioners. This allows you to help a patient through a treatment algorithm that may require multiple physicians, which is key to the well-being of your patients. But it also enables you to cultivate relationships that can result in referrals to your practice.  

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What Practices Need to Know About Pain Management Compliance

Harold Gibson

Pain management: from 2017 and beyond

Tougher pain management billing regulations, along with more documentation and closer scrutiny by payers are the order of the day following 2017’s many changes. Thanks to claims being flagged for review, physicians who were used to being paid within 30 days are now seeing payments held up as long as 180 days! To be approved for pain management charges, you will need to thoroughly document all evidence for supporting the necessity of the procedures.

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