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Pain Management Billing Blog Posts

Best Practices for Pain Management Billing and 2019 Coding Changes

Harold Gibson

Billing and coding for pain management practices continues to grow more complicated each year. With increased public and medical interest in new pain management techniques, pain management guidelines, and new therapies, there’s very close scrutiny by payers and regulators on procedures used to treat chronic pain. Not only is it essential to handle pain management billing and coding carefully to prevent denials and audits, but quality billing and coding is also crucial to the financial well-being of the practice. Here’s a closer look at some of the best practices for pain management billing and coding to help you keep your practice healthy financially. 

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Medical Billing Issues That Affect Pain Clinic Revenue Cycle

Patrick Dougherty

Medical billing is the backbone of any pain clinic revenue cycle. Unfortunately, many pain clinics experience some big challenges with accurately and efficiently billing payers and patients for services. The medical billing process includes multiple steps, various healthcare stakeholders, and communication across payers and departments to run smoothly. Effective medical billing is essential to reducing the number of days in accounts receivable and optimizing your clinic’s revenue cycle. Unfortunately, there are some big issues that can affect your revenue cycle, and for many pain clinics, outsourcing medical billing can offer an excellent solution. 

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Overcoming Pain Management Billing Challenges to Improve Revenue

Patrick Dougherty

According to the American Academy of Pain Medicine, millions of people within the United States suffer from either acute or chronic pain, and pain has become a public health problem that costs society billions of dollars each year. With so many people affected by pain, there’s significant room for pain management practices to grow their businesses. However, over the past few years, new state and federal regulations have brought about some unique challenges that affect pain management practices. Payer reimbursement policies and coding changes have made it more challenging for pain management billing practices to increase revenue. However, once you understand some of the challenges facing your practice, there are strategies your practice can implement to begin improving revenue despite these challenges. 

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The Deceptively Difficult Discipline of Pain Management Billing

Neeraj Jain

According to the National Institute of Health, over 25 million adult Americans (about 11 percent of the population) suffer from chronic pain lasting at least three months or more. The Institute of Medicine estimates the financial impact of chronic pain exceeds some $600 billion annually in terms of treatment for pain management and lost productivity among those who suffer with chronic pain. 

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