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Rac Audit Blog Posts

5 Documentation Tips to Reduce RAC Audit Risk

Harold Gibson

CMS increasing use of RAC (Recovery Audit Contactor) audits catching unprepared providers in their cross-hairs, and commercial payers are using sophisticated data analytics to identify coding and billing outliers as targets for audits. It’s critical that providers ensure that all documentation is as complete and accurate as possible. Here are a few tips to reduce the chances of an audit, or to pass one if your practice is targeted.

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6 Critical Tips to Avoid RAC Audits

Patrick Dougherty

Many providers are aware that CMS has increased its Recovery Audit Contractor or RAC audits and commercial payers are also taking a closer look at billing and coding usage. Data analytics usage has enabled payers to identify coding and other “outliers” and in turn, track for audits. With a stated goal of recovering over $2 billion in “improper payments” it’s more critical than ever for practices to be in compliance. While having a good tax preparer on your team can also reduce accounting errors and other red flags, many practices commit documentation and management mistakes that can lead straight to the auditor’s office.

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3 Reasons Why Your Billing Company Should Provide Pre-RAC Audits

Harold Gibson
Pre_RAC_audit_benefitsWe are certain about the benefits of our products. We are so confident, in fact, that it makes us wonder how your business can survive without your medical billing company providing pre-RAC audits? We understand exactly how valuable they can be, which is why we are writing this post. We want you to get why it is so vital to your business. 

Burden of Compliance on Health Care Provider

First of all, the burden of compliance is on the health care provider, this means physicians, PAC's, FNP's, whoever is mainly responsible for the care of the patient.  In the instance of a Medicare Audit, Medicare only offers superficial guidelines of compliance. They don't give any specific guidance to the medical professional providing care. 

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8 Easy Steps to a Utilize Chart Audit to Improve Medical Billing Processes

Harold Gibson

Does the thought of a chart audit send shivers down your spine? Or does it simply bore you to tears?

Many physician offices perform chart reviews only in time of trouble, usually when increasingly-aggressive RAC Audit or insurance companies require a review. Routine chart audits, however, are an excellent tool to improve quality of care, check the performance of physicians, measure the overall operations of the medical office and to identify aspects of your practice that need improvement.

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Topics: Medical Coding, RAC Audit

How Proper Coding Helps Clinics Avoid RAC Audits

Harold Gibson

You're no doubt aware that proper coding minimizes rejected claims and improves practice and clinic revenue. Are you also aware that accurate coding also helps you avoid troublesome and time consuming RAC audits from Medicare and Medicaid?

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