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Telemedicine Challenges Blog Posts

Telemedicine is the Best Way to Fight Against Coronavirus

Harold Gibson

Health care organizations and governments around the world continue to work to contain the coronavirus pandemic. Health care professionals are preparing for a widespread outbreak, taking measures to address the potential increase in patient volumes that may put a significant strain on medical equipment supplies and hospital care units. Through this preparatory phase, telemedicine is being considered and implemented as a way to engage with patients who are potentially infected, as well as those who need to stay home and avoid exposure. 

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Is You Medical Practice Ready for Telemedicine Expansion?

Patrick Dougherty

If the new proposals in the latest fee schedule coming from the Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services get finalized, then telemedicine may be expanding even more in the future with more payment for these services in store for health providers. The proposed physician fee schedule for 2019 was announced on July 12, 2018 by CMS, and this proposal would significantly expand the services that quality for telemedicine payments. This is great news for both medical practices and patients since telemedicine offers many patient benefits and offers practices with the foundation for increased growth. And while telemedicine does come with some potential billing challenges, there are ways these challenges can be overcome as practices step into the future of telemedicine.   

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Telemedicine Challenges: Changing the Future of Healthcare

Harold Gibson

Often used interchangeably with telehealth, telemedicine is the delivery of certain healthcare services, most commonly follow-up visits and consultations, with direct communication between a provider and patient via the Internet or other communication portal taking the place of an in-person visit. As more healthcare providers integrate telemedicine into their practices, they may find that increased patient engagement, compliance, reduced patient health care costs and improved bottom lines are well worth the effort. There are, however, a number of factors that have left many patients or providers unable to take advantage of this convenient option:

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Topics: Telemedicine Challenges

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