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Your cardiology practice faces special billing and coding challenges not encountered in many other fields of medicine: rapidly-evolving technologies and increasingly-complex treatment protocols including endovascular surgery, electrophysiology and diagnostic tests, to mention E&M factors.

Make no mistake: cardiology coding is extremely complex, with its unique terminology, and requires experienced and trained personnel to accurately code interventional procedures such as cardiac catheterization laboratory, electrophysiology, and computerized tomographic angiography (CCTA). If you find that you are losing money to appealing denied or delayed claims, it may be that the billing and coding staff are not as well-trained or experienced in cardiology medical claims billing as they should be.

There is always the chance that claims may also be under-coded or over-coded as well as misapplying one or more of the many rules governing multiple procedures. As a result of these mistakes, not to mention the sheer size of many of the bills’ balances, many cardiologists’ billings are often mis-coded and subsequently denied. Appealing a denial may involve the need to take time away from your practice to provide detailed answers to complex questions that may arise from improperly billed claims.

Your cardiology practice needs the skills and experience that can only be provided by a company that employs trained, certified and highly-experienced coders and billers, and client support. We are a recognized leader in cardiology billing, helping practices and institutions since 2002. Your account will be assigned to specialists in cardiology billing in our own offices in the US – as opposed to possibly being outsourced to someone in a foreign country.

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Other advantages of working with M-Scribe include:

  • Professional, fully-trained coders and other personnel certified in ICD-10 coding
  • Quick turnaround
  • Over 99% accuracy rate, resulting in faster payments with fewer denials
  • 24/7 in-house customer support

The upcoming changes in the entire coding system, from the outdated ICD-9 to its replacement, ICD-10, promise to make coding for all types of practices more complex, even if more accurate, and this certainly will apply to cardiology practices.

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