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Dermatology Practice Case Study

Dermatology Billing Case Study

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Dermatology Billing Experts

One of the benchmarks of experienced coders and billers is that they understand specialty-specific coding and payer guidelines.  At M-Scribe, our team of certified dermatology coders and billers know how exactly to file a claim to get maximum reimbursement for key procedures such as MOHS, biopsies, excisions (adding up repair areas and documenting exact measurements) and other related procedures.  Our billing and coding specialists not only understand the payer-specific coverage policies but are also fully trained and certified in ICD-10 coding, far ahead of the October 2015 deadline.

We understand the criticality of accurately coding the numerous procedures performed by dermatologists.  It is imperative that all procedures be reported accurately and coded to the greatest degree of specificity possible, to avoid denials and lost revenues.

While the new ICD-10 codes promise more accuracy through improved specificity, they will only be effective if the coders who use them are experienced and understand the complexity of dermatology coding. An exponential increase in the number of codes also means that there are that many more ways that a coder can pick an incorrect diagnosis.  At M-Scribe, our coders ensure that your documentation meets the exacting standards required by different payers, particularly Medicare.

Download: Dermatology Billing Case Study


With the many elements such as MSRR, bundling, EHR, PQRS, medical necessity requirements, HIPAA compliance, and payer-specific billing guidelines, having a direct impact on your revenue, you can see the need for a RCM service that understands how to navigate through these complexities to ensure that your practice is compensated quickly and completely.

Our dermatology medical billing team doesn’t stop with just billing and coding only. We also stay abreast of all policy changes and ensure that you receive the reimbursement you have worked hard for. 

With more than 12 years in medical billing service business, serving hundreds of practices across the country, M-Scribe is a company trusted by dermatologists.  Having entered nearly 3 million codes in last one year alone, we have the expertise and technology you need, to get paid.

M-Scribe can help you do what you do best - Spend your precious time with patients and help you focus on your practice.

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