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5 Point ICD-10 Implementation Plan

In October 2015, ICD-10 becomes the required coding guideline and will impact all physicians due to the increased number of codes (14K codes in ICD-9 to 68K codes in ICD-10) and increased code specificity. Further, ICD-10 will affect all systems related to practice - such as billing and coding, practice management systems, and EHRs.

Transition to ICD-10 will require significant planning, training, software/system upgrades, process changes and investments to comply with the new standards. Here is M-Scribe 5 points implementation plan to help practices with ICD-10 transition:

Step 1: Planning and Assessment

The M-Scribe team will work with your staff to conduct an in-depth analysis of your current process to determine changes required for successful ICD-10 implementation. Post analysis recommendation will include a synopsis of your training needs, required software upgrades, process changes, system upgrades and necessary budgetary requirements. We also review trading partner agreements and provide a detailed roadmap to assist with implementation planning and adoption.

Step 2: Training

M-Scribe has a comprehensive set of training materials for different groups in your practices including physicians, PA’s, Medical technicians etc. Our mix of one-on-one training, webinars, web-tools, training materials and certification courses will prepare all staff adequately and provide a library of reference material for ongoing use.

Step 3: Process Changes

ICD-10 transition requires both internal and external process changes. Documentation and coding are the two most critical internal processes that require major updates to current processes to maintain higher degree of specificity. Additionally, changes in patient registration, referrals and authorizations, order entry, and Superbill etc. are also required. M-Scribe’s team has significant experience in coordinating simultaneous changes to several processes and making these changes seamless and efficient for the practice.

Step 4: Testing and Verification

M-Scribe works with external vendors and/or system partners to test the claim processes and ensure that the practice is able to generate transactions using ICD-10 codes and that ICD-10 codes are being sent and received properly.

We take a targeted revenue-focused approach as coding and documentation will directly affect the practice’s revenue. Our skilled and ICD-10 certified professionals will assess documentation and coding compliance and address any problem areas for quick resolution.

Step 5: Transition and Quality Management

After the above four aspects are addressed, your practice will be ready to take the final step - The actual transition. Our meticulous planning and testing processes ensure a seamless transition. We take several steps to ensure that you continue to see the same level of efficiencies for years to come.

  • Ensure quality management by closely reviewing clinical documentation and coding processes to ensure they are in tandem with updated payer policies.<
  • Measure both coder productivity and accuracy to ensure that quality of coding is not compromised to maintain previous levels of productivity.

  • Observe entire revenue cycle to ensure revenue is not adversely affected with new processes.
  • Unusual spikes or dips in revenue are investigated immediately for review.
  • Maintain open and frequent communication with business associates, trading partners, billers, coders, ancillary staff, payers, patients, and other entities to ensure collaboration on all fronts.
  • In summary, planning and assessment, implementation, training and education, testing and verification are the most important aspects for a successful and seamless transition to ICD-10.

M-Scribe is here to help you through every step of this process.

Call today at 1-888-727-4234 to discuss how M-Scribe can get you started on your ICD-10 Plan.


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