An experienced medical billing company can help you maximize collections from all sources - by filing clean claims on timely basis, accurate medical coding, aggressively work on account receivables (AR) and patient side of the collection. This whitepaper will give you specific details to improve your medical billing processes to realize additional revenue -

1. Time of Service Collections

Industry best practices show an average of 90% or higher time of service collections from the patient, with some practices coming close to 100% success. 

2. Days from Date of Service to BillingBest Patient Billing Support

Top performing medical practices accomplish their insurance billing in three days or less from the time of service, which is only possible if you have an efficient system for data capture, coding, claims to scrub, and electronic submission.

3. Average Days in Accounts Receivable

Industry benchmarking shows that top performing medical practices have an average of 40 days in Accounts Receivable. If your Average Days in A/R is higher than it should be, look at your carriers and see if you can pinpoint problems with slow payment.

4. Percentage of Claims Paid Within 45 days

A good benchmark for this revenue cycle metric is to achieve 85% to 90% claims resolution within 45 days from time of service. If you have a higher than average percentage of claims going beyond this window of opportunity, 

Download the whitepaper to get more details on these processes and how you can realize additional revenue by 12% or more.