You are not alone!
Medical Billing Management Service

Replacing your current medical billing company is very messy and challenging, and it becomes worse if your in-house billing manager quits or is not meeting expectations. 

Do you feel like you are leaving money on the table by not optimizing your collections? Is there an option where you can continue working with your existing billing company but have an expert on your side who can manage and optimize the billing process to bring more revenue for your practice.

Introducing M-Scribe Medical Billing Assistance Program

M-Scribe medical billing assistance management program works as a bridge between you and your medical company or staff. We analyze and manage your existing medical billing processes and fix them so that you don't need to replace them.

How Does It Work?

A dedicated senior account manager will work exclusively with your medical practice. They will meet face-to-face with your office staff and your outsourced billing services or in-house billers. Our account managers have years of experience in the revenue cycle management (RCM) industry that will benefit you by streamlining medical billing processes and improving profitability.

M-Scribe's medical billing assistance program includes -

  • Fixed Low-Cost Option
  • Customized as per Needs - One Time or Continuous Assistance
  • Regular Communication with Billers and Office Staff
  • Local Experienced Revenue Cycle Professionals
  • Day-to-day Revenue Cycle Processes Monitoring
  • Month-End Customized Reports
  • Medical Coding Review by Certified-Coders

Call us today at 770-666-0470 for a face-to-face meeting to understand your specific challenges and requirements. At no extra charge or obligation we can help improving your medical billing processes.

Let's work together to improve profitability for your medical practice!