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All Inclusive Medical Billing Services


Specializing in Billing, Coding, Provider Credentialing and Payer Contract Negotiations


We work with all practice management software for rates as low As 3% of collections


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Pricing low as 3% of Collections

Are You Spending Too Much on Medical Billing?

Best Patient Billing SupportWhat do you think are your current costs to support medical billing? Just the amount you currently pay to your billing staff / medical billing service provider OR calculate every dollar of claim that was denied due to wrong codes, filing errors, inefficient processes, or plain negligence? We believe it to be the later.

M-Scribe uses healthcare industry's best practices and a team of certified coders to ensure accurate claims processing. We optimize existing processes to drive faster turn-around on insurance claims and use real time analytics and reporting that can identify and track any inconsistencies preemptively,  thus ensuring consistent and continuous revenue stream for our practices with low levels of pending accounts receivable. We take pride in delivering quality services consistently at very competitive rates.

That is why, we claim that we can significantly reduce your total billing costs while increasing practice profitability by up to 12%.

Our hit rate / claims success rate is one of the highest in the industry. M-Scribe billing services provide a cost advantage vs. in-house and other leading billing service providers because our efficient processes, award winning patient support and coding expertise. We work with you to optimize your collections - including identifying the most profitable procedures, reducing under coding, payer comparison, marketing and patient communication support.

What services are included in medical billing pricing?


Patient Eligibility Verification - 24 hrs TAT
Charge Entry - 24 hrs TAT
Medical Coding Review by Certified-Coders
Provider Credentialing Validation
EDI Rejections Management - 24hrs TAT
Payment Posting - 24 hrs TAT
Accounts Receivable (AR) Management
Claims Denial Management
Medical Coding Review by Certified-Coders
Patient Side of Collection
Medical Practice Productivity Review
Patient Billing Inquiries Support
Financial Key Points Indicators (KPIs) Monthly Reports
Payment Posting - 24 hrs TAT
Patient Statements Processing

We charge as low as 3% of collections!  One of our medical specialists will quickly get in touch with you to understand your specific requirements. We understand every practice is different that is why we work with every practice closely to understand your unique needs, come up with a plan that works for you, and have a named account representative assigned to you. We will explain in clear steps how we will increase revenue for your practice and rest assured we will get you best possible rate as well.

Stop wasting money with inefficient billing processes and sign up today for a no obligation specialty specific customized pricing proposal.

Save up to 12% on Your Medical Billing