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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

What is the cost of your medical billing services?

We charge a flat percentage of the monies collected on your behalf. The flat fee includes commercial and government payments, co-pays, self-pays, capitation payments, etc. According to the AMA, outsourcing medical billing expenses can cost 30% to 40% lower than in-house services. An average physician's practice utilizing in-house billing services, spends 10% of earned income on billing related expenses. In addition to M-Scribe's other services, we also offer patient eligibility verification and estimated payment amount at no additional cost.

How are you able to provide medical billing service at such a competitive rate?

By doing things right the first time we can reduce costs and maximize efficiency. Our state-of-the-art proprietary software tracks every claim throughout the entire billing process, resulting in cost reductions for overlooked claims. We use cutting-edge technology allowing us to retrieve billing documentation without ever leaving the physician's office.

What other services do you provide?

  • Free EHR integration
  • Real-time financial reporting
  • Accurate electronic claims submission and tracking
  • Daily billing and follow-up
  • Quick payment turnaround
  • Claims re-submission for identifying lost dollars

Our online services include:

  • Secure web log-in
  • Web-accessible patient information<
  • Online financial reports
  • Practice analysis
  • Cash register/IOU
  • Customized office forms available online 24/7:
    • Hospital Superbills
    • Office Superbills
    • Registration Forms
    • Sign-in Sheets

Other great value-added features include:

  • Online user-friendly scheduler to manage your time and appointments.
  • Online Pending Transactions List, which promptly updates missing information.
  • The Cash Register/IOU feature provides customized transaction receipts for funds collected in the office, while helping reduce patient billing.
  • Electronic Remittance Advice (ERA).
  • Electronic Funds Transfer (EFT).
  • Retains a collection agency for recovery of lost funds.

The ERA not only serves as a notification of payments, but also simplifies identifying EOBs or checks misplaced in the pipeline. Timely filing of claims to secondary insurance and re-filing of denied or rejected claims become simpler, while EFT provides fast, secure and efficient electronic payment collections (saving an unnecessary trip to the bank).

What services are included in the flat fee plan?

M-Scribe has introduced several exceptional features. Online Eligibility Verification, a powerful tool for physicians to eliminate rejected claims due to non-eligibility. Used with our Online Scheduler, the Online Eligibility Verification system informs you if your patient is covered for a specific date of service. If eligibility is in doubt, you may request payment of fees at the time of service, or obtain new insurance information. Eligibility is also available real-time so that new patient insurance information can be confirmed immediately. Either way, several weeks can be saved versus allowing a claim to run its natural course.

What are the benefits of using free EHR?

Although a fully functional electronic health record (EHR) program can cost as much as $25,000, M-Scribe provides free EHR to any practicing physician.

Physicians who use M-Scribe's fully integrated EHR, incorporate all of M-Scribe's billing, documentation and practice management solutions into one cohesive package. Services available in M-Scribe's billing plans include flat fee Medical Billing, Medical Documentation, and free EHR—a complete practice management solution.

EHR includes modules for automated billing, scheduling, claims tracking, document management, fax functionality, prescription management, template modules, and electronic encounter documentation— complete high level security compatibility.

What medical specialties do you handle?

M-Scribe handles all medical specialties including Cardiology, Neurology, Internal Medicine, Family Practice, Pain Management, Podiatry, Neuropathy, Gastroenterology, Anesthesia, Psychiatry, Surgery, Dermatology/Plastic Surgery, Cosmetic Surgery, ER, Allergy and Immunology, Pulmonary, Radiology, Interventional Radiology, Orthopedic, Pediatrics, Ophthalmology, Infectious Disease, Gynecology, Rehab, Nephrology, Thoracic Surgery and Endocrinology.

How do I send my billing information?

There are several ways. The most efficient way is to export your data using M-Scribe's EHR. This allows the office to electronically document encounters while creating a paperless office environment. Another method is sending via a high-speed duplex scanner. It scans all documents to our servers and enters the processing stream.

How does M-Scribe communicate with their clients?

Communication between M-Scribe and their clientele is of primary importance. After signing a contract with M-Scribe, each physician receives an email address and secure web log-in identification for sending and receiving messages. Our Customer Support staff is also available at 1.888.SCRIBEIN (727-4234) to answer questions and ensure satisfaction, while our Patient Help Desk is available to handle insurance related inquiries.

How does M-Scribe file a claim?

About 97% of claims are filed electronically. For companies currently not set up to receive claims electronically, HCFA forms are used for claims submission. Most insurance companies respond electronically through Electronic Remittance Advice (ERA), notifying M-Scribe and the physician receipt of payment in a fraction of the time.

How many direct submitters does M-Scribe handle electronically?

Our direct submitters are spread across all states in the USA.

What is the benefit of filing claims electronically?

While paper claims submission can take 90-120 days, standard electronic claims filing allows reimbursement from the insurance company within 7-21 days. Physicians, who use M-Scribe's integrated services, can receive payments in as little as 3-5 days. This drastic reduction in time is due to the many features available in our Standard Medical Billing Agreement, which includes EHR, eligibility verification, ERA and EFT.

Are there additional charges for electronic claims transmission to the clearinghouse?

There are no extra charges for electronic claims transmission. In fact, no auxiliary charges are incurred for any of M-Scribe's services. We do not maintain a standard "module mentality" of charging physicians on an a la carte basis for each additional service they utilize. Simply a flat, set-up charge and a low monthly service fee for the life of the contract.

Where will insurance companies send payments?

All checks and EOBs will be sent directly to your office. Since most insurance companies offer ERA  and electronic versions of EOBs, and EFTs (Electronic Funds Transfer), physicians can receive EOBs and payments faster than a standard paper delivery, allowing the follow-up process to be expedient and efficient. For physical copies, just keep the checks and send us scanned copies of the EOBs.

Do you follow up on unpaid claims?

Yes. Unless the nonpayment is for a legitimate reason, such as a deductible, capitation, lack of coverage or duplicate invoicing, we can reprocess the claim without requiring additional information. M-Scribe will contact your office, if necessary, for further information. If the claim remains unpaid, we will follow up with an appeal.

What is a "soft collection" service?

We perform patient bill follow-up by sending a series of collection letters (up to 3), requesting payment of the past due amount.

Can I check my billing status/balance?

You can check your billing status online, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, through the secure portal.

How long is the setup process?

After signing the contract, we can begin the setup process immediately. Generally, for most physicians, the process takes 3 to 7 days. We can provide an accurate estimate after reviewing your individual practice.

Are there any other fees?

We go through a laborious and time-consuming setup process to ensure your claims will be processed effectively and efficiently. This includes entering all patient data, creating customized forms, setting up a clearinghouse account and assisting with installing a high-speed duplex scanner (if applicable). There are no hidden fees for click charges, postage, business reply mail, etc. You only pay a flat percentage fee of the collected amount.

Where can patients call if they have billing questions/inquiries?

Ensuring that your patients are satisfied with the billing process is extremely important to M-Scribe. We have highly trained service representatives at our Patient Help Desk to respond in a courteous and professional manner.

Will I be required to pay any other costs or charges?

Unlike other billing companies, we do not charge you additional fees for click charges, postage, forms, business reply mail, etc. All costs are included in the flat fee. Our goal is to keep it simple - you only pay the agreed amount.

What if there is information missing from scanned documents sent to your office?

Forms with missing information are uploaded in a Pending Transactions List (PTL), which may be accessed by your secure web log-in. You will be able to review and update any missing information. This information is instantaneously imported into our system, avoiding any delays for claim submission.

Are there any system requirements to use your billing services?

Along with an internet connection, you will need a high-speed, duplex scanner to upload all data.


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