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M-Scribe Medical Billing Services

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Your service is easy, efficient, fast, and has saved my office thousands of dollars a year by eliminating an in-house transcription department and the cost associated with additional employees, including employee taxes. By eliminating a typist, the office/computer space can now be used for more productive purposes like billing and accounts receivable.

- Connecticut Foot and Ankle Practice


Increase Medical Practice Profitability

Working with M-Scribe Provides Great Benefits

lnsurance Credentialing 

Insurance Credentialing is a term often used interchangeably with “Credentialing” or “Provider Credentialing”. Credentialing is the process of review and verification of the information of a health care provider who is interested in participating with various insurances or becoming “in network” with them. The process of credentialing can be time consuming to submit the paperwork, submit supplementary documentation, and correspond with insurance companies’ credentialing departments.

After wading through the process of credentialing ourselves, we have developed and mastered the credentialing process. For more information or to get started on insurance credentialing, give us a call today.

Tools to get your claims paid faster

Let M-Scribe remove the hassle from claims submission and payment. M-Scribe’s claims management solution can help your healthcare business overcome rejections, delays, denials and other obstacles for receiving company reimbursements.

Your claims will pass through an extensive system of edits to ensure that clean claims are delivered to payers the first time around. Our powerful claims tracking feature eliminates lost claims by reporting when they were received, delivered and accepted by payers. If rejections do arise, M-Scribe’s online tools allow you to research, edit and quickly resubmit the claims.

Say goodbye to mountains of paperwork

Currently, M-Scribe’s electronic remittance advice (ERA) solution delivers remittance advices for over 500 payers. M-Scribe has key connections and the technology required to automate this costly, time-consuming and manually intensive process.

Eliminate expensive paper processes and take control of your back office with M-Scribe's ERA solution. Our ERA tools allow users to search for an EOB by check, payer or patient name.

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The simple solution to patient collections

M-Scribe will develop a custom payment portal and will print the web address on all outgoing statements — this will help encourage your patients to pay bills online. For payments arriving by mail, M-Scribe’s innovative lockbox solution automates the process of opening the daily mail, creating deposit tickets, depositing checks, reconciling balances and posting patient payments. However your business collects patient payments, M-Scribe has the technology to simplify the process and increase your collections.

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