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Coders Can Improve Medical Practice Collection

Accurate coding allows all claims to be paid promptly, helping the practice to increase its revenue and eliminate costly time delays that can occur as the result of incorrect or improper coding. Certified medical coders also serve as a safeguard against audits that can be triggered when practices unintentionally apply the wrong codes and submit them for payment.

At M-Scribe, our CPC certified coders are highly skilled in all areas of coding, and that means we can help your practice improve its billing and collection practices and ultimately increase your practice’s bottom line.

Every M-Scribe medical coder is experienced in abstracting coding information from medical charts and reports. By carefully reviewing and analyzing individual health records, including doctor’s notes, lab tests, imaging studies and more, our coders can identify relevant diagnoses and procedures for every patient visit to ensure all eligible codes are accurately applied. Once the patient records have been reviewed, our coders assign specific CPT, HCPCS and ICD-10 codes to ensure payment is made for all relevant treatments and procedures as quickly as possible and without delays that can be caused by improper coding.

Worried About Lack of Medical Coding Knowledge?
Many practices are struggling with ensuring their staff is up-to-date on these complex and comprehensive ICD-10 Coding. M-Scribe coding professionals are available for consultations and are fully trained in the latest coding practices and guidelines. All of our coders receive ongoing training in ICD-10, CPT and HCPCS codes as well as evolving industry guidelines and regulations, which means your practice can continue to run smoothly no matter what changes come along.

Having an accurate and reliable coding system in place is the first and most critical step in ensuring a medical practice is reimbursed for all the procedures, treatments and diagnostic services provided by the physician or other health care provider, and it also plays a crucial role in making sure the practice remains in compliance with coding guidelines. Our professional coders take the worry and confusion out of the coding process, providing the billing department with the coding information they need to ensure a smooth and error-free billing and collections process. In short, M-Scribe coders help ensure your practice’s billing and collections procedures run smoothly and on time, helping you achieve the peace of mind that lets you get back to the business of caring for patients.


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