In-House Pharmacy Improve a Medical Practice .jpegWe help group practices to establish their own physician dispensing.

More and more practices, especially group practices specializing in oncology, surgery, orthopedics or multi-specialties are opting to offer physician dispensing, in-house pharmacy services to their patients as an add-on to the growing “one-stop shop” trend. 

According to the country’s foremost experts on pharmaceutical economics – Dr Adam J Fein PhD of drugchannels "By 2021, the pharmacy industry’s revenues will be about $572 billion—and that specialty drugs will account for 42% of that figure."

Our standard services includes

  • Location according to pharmacy requirements
  • Design / Build / Construct pharmacy
  • Licensing along with contracting with 3rd parties
  • Choosing the right drug distributors for sourcing drugs at low cost
  • Choosing pharmacy related hardware and software 
  • Prescription pricing procedures help with inventory control
  • Train staff to operate your pharmacy and develop a standard policy 
  • Business management skills to run the pharmacy

Our staff has owned and run independent pharmacies for over 18 years. We specialize in one-stop shop of opening and running the pharmacy for you.

For group practices it can be an extra incentive to provide better patient services along with convenience. 

Call us today to find out exactly how much it would cost to build and operate your pharmacy.