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M-Scribe Medical Billing Services

Medical Billing

Analytics and data management features from Kareo help you enjoy greater convenience while maintaining control of your data by combining web-based access with powerful tools to manage your data. You can generate powerful reports, scan and faxdocuments, use our integration API to access data programmatically, and more.

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EHR Vendor Comparison FAQs: Scheduling

Compare EHR vendors Quest360, eClinicalWorks and Allscripts to Practice Fusion's free online EHR solution. With unlimited training and support (at no additional cost), Practice Fusion can have a doctor scheduling, charting and ePrescribing in just five minutes.

This comparison demonstrates why Practice Fusion is the easiest, fastest and most cost-efficient EHR available today. 

EHR Scheduling Comparison

Practice Fusion's scheduling features can be customized to fit a practice's process flow. Compare our web-based system to ECW and Allscripts.


Practice Fusion EHR scheduling


Feature not offered


eClinicalWorks EHR scheduling


Allscripts EHR scheduling


After having for years waded through a number of similar service companies, each with their idiosyncrasies, I am now a happy client of M-Scribe and I intend to stay there till one of us retires. They are prompt, helpful, highly professional, and inexpensive. What more could one ask for?

- Massachusetts IME Practice

We have worked with M-Scribe Technologies for over seven years and have found them to be extremely responsive, accurate, and supportive. We would highly recommend them for transcribing medical dictation.

- New York Business Associate

Your service is easy, efficient, fast, and has saved my office thousands of dollars a year by eliminating an in-house transcription department and the cost associated with additional employees, including employee taxes. By eliminating a typist, the office/computer space can now be used for more productive purposes like billing and accounts receivable.

- Connecticut Foot and Ankle Practice

Seldom in the healthcare world, or in any other business, does one receive more than expected, in terms of products and services. This has happily been our experience with M-Scribe. The quality of reports has been superlative, and the reliability in turnaround time has exceeded our expectations. We would highly recommend M-Scribe to others who are looking for a solid strategic partner.

- Georgia Healthcare Practice

We have been working with M-Scribe for about 4 years. The customer service is what really stands out as being excellent. An immediate response to any problem is the best compliment. Someone is available "on call" 24 hours a day including weekends, which is quite reassuring and has been useful on the few occasions that it was necessary. Not being put on hold forever and forced to push endless buttons is refreshing today.

- Pennsylvania Podiatrist Practice

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