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For most radiologists, patients are referred to them by other physicians, and so many don’t have direct patient contact. Their expertise lies more in the skilled use of sophisticated machinery and technologies to examine a patient, if warranted, and assist the referring physician in arriving at a diagnosis.

Because the use of this equipment is inseparable from the radiologist’s examination, radiological billing requires two components: the Common Procedure Terminology code (CPT) and the Dx code (ICD-10) code. In order for a radiologist to bill for interpreting results of tests performed, he or she also needs to produce a diagnosis confirming the medically necessary reasons for the test.

With the advent of ICD-10 and the subsequent addition of over 55,000 new codes to further narrow down the diagnosis, it will be more critical than ever for the highest level of accuracy on the part of the radiologist because the coders must determine the correct coding from the patient’s records. It is also extremely important that the billing and coding staff be up to date on the latest coding changes.

For example, if a fracture is present, what kind of fracture, whether it is new or an older one, the stage of healing, if any, and other considerations are all given their own unique ICD-10 codes. The increasing complexity of radiology billing, as well as the implementation of more codes with ICD-10, will make working with a qualified team of professional medical coders and billers more important than ever.

M-Scribe Technologies, LLC, is a national leader in radiology billing, helping hundreds of practices and institutions since 2002. Your account will be assigned to experienced specialists in radiology coding and billing.

Here are just a few of the advantages of partnering with M-Scribe:

>  Fully-trained radiology  coders 
>  24 Hours claims turnaround
>  Fewer denials due to over 99% accuracy rate

Our experienced team of coders and billers who partner with you and your staff all have specialized radiology training and experience. Be assured that all of your claims will be handled by specialists in your field who understand the special requirements of radiology practices.


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