Some of the most recent benchmarking data for group practices suggests an average of 5-10% rejection rate. No matter where you fall in the denial rate spectrum, denied claims leave cash on the table that can impact your profit margin significantly.

Common Reasons Medical Billing Claims Get RejectedIf your rejections are out of control, please download this white paper. We have explained the most common issues that lead to denials such as -

Timing Issues
Timing is everything when it comes to medical billing. Are you watching for these important dates when you file your claims?

Registration Issues
Your front desk is the front line in successful medical billing, so make sure your staff isn't making these avoidable errors.

Coding Issues
This is one of the stickiest areas for inexperienced billing departments; coding and documentation requirements can vary significantly and lead to delays, rejections, and requests for additional information, slowing up reimbursement.

If you're missing the mark with your denial rate download the whitepaper to learn about common reasons claims are getting denied. We'll show you ways to improve your collection rate and boost your bottom line.

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