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How to Increase Medical Practice Revenue

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How to Increase Medical Practice Revenue
The key to successful medical practice is maximizing collection from all the sources such as - claims remittance, patients, and more importantly evidence based data. This whitepaper will give you specific details to improve your daily processes to realize additional revenue.

Reasons Medical Billing Claims Get Rejected
AMA reported that an average of 9.5% of health claims processed by private health insurers contain errors and lead to claim denials. Denied claims can significantly impact the profitability of your practice. This whitepaper explains the most common reasons for denials and provides practical guidelines on how to minimize claim denials for future submissions.

5 Things to Look for in a Medical Billing Company
Finding the right medical billing company is unquestionably the most important decision you will make in this ever-changing healthcare environment. Our whitepaper will help you understand the 5 key questions that you must consider before partnering with a new medical billing company.

12 Tips for Improving Medical Practice Profitability
Learn simple accounts receivable (AR) and collection tips to reduce slow-pay or no-pay accounts and increase collections — save your practice time and money. This whitepaper outlines 12 great tips that you could easily apply in your billing operation.

In-House vs Outsourcing: Which Medical Billing Services Option is Best for Your Practice?
In order to survive in today's highly competitive climate, medical practices must choose the best possible option between in-house or outsourced medical billing and coding expertise. Download the whitepaper to learn the pros and cons of providing in-house vs outsourced medical billing services option.

6 Best Practices for Front Desk to Increase Practice Revenue
Patient co-payments and deductibles account for a significant portion of practice revenue. But collecting them is not always easy. Learn how a Smart Help Desk can quickly eliminate loopholes and collect co-payments, deductibles, and other patient payments at patient check-out.

Case Studies

Dermatology Practice Billing Case Study
How M-Scribe increased practice revenue by 35% through elimination of documentation deficiencies and under-coding billing errors.


RAC Audit Checklist
A stitch in time saves nine. A few actions now can save you time, effort and money later. Download our checklist to ensure that your practice is protected from future RAC audits.

Medical Billing Calculator
Do you want to check what percentage of total collections you are spending on your in-house billing staff? Download this calculator and enter all the information you know, it will automatically calculate the percentage for you.


How to Create a Simple and Effective ICD-10 Training Program
Non-specified Dx codes are getting rejected! This eBook will give you insights and tips to evaluate your staff's ICD-10 knowledge and help you create an organized training program for error-free ICD-10 implementation.

10 Ways to Improve Medical Practice Profitability and Efficiency
It is no secret that medical documentation requirements have increased with ICD-10. This eBook highlights various ways in which you can improve your practice's revenue through better documentation compliance. Compliant documentation ensures accurate coding and accurate coding results in less medical necessity related denials


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