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Advantages of Specialty Specific Billing Experts

Hiring specialty specific billing experts for your medical practice makes sense when you’re looking to outsource your medical billing service. Our extensive list of clientele demonstrates our successful track record with different specialties. As experts in speciality billing, our competencies will help you improve your revenue right away.

Is lack of expertise in specialty coding and billing resulting in lower revenues for your practice?
For many specialties, complex coding requirements can be very hard to navigate for providers as well as for billers. Due to this complexity, billers depend on providers to share appropriate CPT and ICD codes but providers may not be updated with all the frequent changes in coding guidelines. The result, loss of revnue, broken processes and backlogs. It takes time for providers and office administrators to realize the loss of revenue because of improper  coding and we are here to help. Please click this link to check the health of your medical practice.

At M-Scribe we do medical billing differently.
While you are a proven expert in managing your patient care, we have a proven record to handle specialty-specific medical billing services. Our years of experience with different specialties has given us the cutting-edge expertise to help many practices reap the same benefits.

We believe that accurate medical coding is the first step to do drive revenue for our speciality practices. All our medical coders are certified and trained and each of them focuses only on the specialty they work on a daily basis. Dedicated coders meet regularly with providers and develop better knowledge and understanding of specaility specific codes which in turn helps billers bill appropriately. Our coders are also conversant with compliance requirements specific to procedure codes utilization.

As an example - Cardiology coding has different terminology requiring highly trained personnel to accurately code procedures like cardiac catheterization, electrophysiology and computerized tomographic angiography (CCTA). Years of experience and continuous training in cardiology coding has given our coders a deeper level of understanding and knowledge about these codes. So Cardiology specific coding and billing team together come up with the most efficient processes to maximize reimbursement and comply with constanly changin requirements for Cardiology practices we serve.

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