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M-Scribe Medical Billing Services
Tips to Increase Medical Practice Profitability

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Why Outsource Medical Billing to M-Scribe

Medical Billing Service

Eliminate code/data entry into practice management — M-Scribe’s billing experts process your data by entering charges, payments and adjustments within 24-hours. Detailed, real-time billing reports are readily available for viewing and in-depth analysis.

Bill smarter, get paid faster — tired of rejected claims? M-Scribe offers 24-hour billing and claims scrubbing technology that virtually eliminates poor claims submissions. Through tools such as Electronic Remittance Advice (ERA) and Electronic Funds Transfer (EFT), payments can be received in as little as five days.

Keep more of what you earn — according to the AMA, in-house billing costs an average medical practice approximately 10% of their income. M-Scribe charges a flat percentage of monies collected with no hidden fees or additional costs.

Improve collections — receive faster reimbursement through electronic claims submission. Account information is available the next day and payments can be received within five days.

Monitor fiscal standing — keep constant track of co-pays, self-pays and insurance payments. View account details to confirm billings and generate thorough, up-to-the-minute financial reports.

Medical Documentation

Transcription 2.0 — our documentation professionals listen to dictation and only update relevant content into the EHR. With this information, they can derive diagnosis codes, procedure codes, and create superbills. This blend of expertise and technology offers several benefits.

We adapt to your methods — if you wish to continue your current style of dictation, M-Scribe’s documentation service will maintain your preferred method.

Harness the latest technology — when it comes to speech recognition, M-Scribe is a pioneer. Natural Language Processing (NLP), and Computer Assisted Coding (CAC) provide consistent, quality documentation along with outstanding coding and billing services.

Discrete Reportable Transcription (DRT) — our efficient, accurate, cost effective, turnkey service directly populates discrete reportable notes into your EHR chart section.

Free digital recorders — upon request, M-Scribe provides free handheld recorders for dictating physicians.


After having for years waded through a number of similar service companies, each with their idiosyncrasies, I am now a happy client of M-Scribe and I intend to stay there till one of us retires. They are prompt, helpful, highly professional, and inexpensive. What more could one ask for?

- Massachusetts IME Practice

We have worked with M-Scribe Technologies for over seven years and have found them to be extremely responsive, accurate, and supportive. We would highly recommend them for transcribing medical dictation.

- New York Business Associate

Your service is easy, efficient, fast, and has saved my office thousands of dollars a year by eliminating an in-house transcription department and the cost associated with additional employees, including employee taxes. By eliminating a typist, the office/computer space can now be used for more productive purposes like billing and accounts receivable.

- Connecticut Foot and Ankle Practice

Seldom in the healthcare world, or in any other business, does one receive more than expected, in terms of products and services. This has happily been our experience with M-Scribe. The quality of reports has been superlative, and the reliability in turnaround time has exceeded our expectations. We would highly recommend M-Scribe to others who are looking for a solid strategic partner.

- Georgia Healthcare Practice

We have been working with M-Scribe for about 4 years. The customer service is what really stands out as being excellent. An immediate response to any problem is the best compliment. Someone is available "on call" 24 hours a day including weekends, which is quite reassuring and has been useful on the few occasions that it was necessary. Not being put on hold forever and forced to push endless buttons is refreshing today.

- Pennsylvania Podiatrist Practice

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