We leveraged our client base of medical practices and partnered with a leading Group Purchasing Organization (GPO) to offer significant savings without any additional cost!

Successful medical practices minimize the cost of their supplies without sacrificing quality and efficiency. M-Scribe is a provider of medical billing service to physicians, their private medical practice, and related businesses - including surgery centers, IOP's, endoscopy centers and imaging centers. And we also help our clients reduce costs by leveraging the combined purchasing power of our client base.

We understand the issues involved in running a medical practice and what it takes to minimize your overhead costs. Our partnership will yield your practice an average of 20%-25% of cost savings on the same products and services that you are using today.

Our GPO has relationships with thousands of vendors. Some of the popular brands are -

Office Depot            Cell Phone Carriers


Mckesson             superior uniform


 Lab Corp              MCF Waste Management

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